Our business covers a wide range of services, either from the creation of a logo, a poster, a package, or the development of a complete corporate identity system. For any of these services, we advise and work together with the customer to clearly define the objectives of the project and the results you want.

What do we do

Corporate Identity

The corporate image is the perception the public has of a particular company. We develop visual communication strategies that convey the essence of each company starting from logo design, corporate stationery, signage, promotional campaigns, corporate presentations, websites and corporate brand guidelines that will help any company build a brand personality trough its visual communication.

Logo design

The trademark logos and symbols play a fundamental role in any market. They Identify, differentiate and communicate tangible and intangible attributes of each company. We design logos for each costumer considering factors such as the target audience, competitors, brand values, history, and brand concepts. Providing the highest quality standards for each case.

Packaging design

The packaging of a product not only serves to protect it, but also to seduce the customer to buy it. The image of a company is determined by the way they present their products. Flandoli Design is ready to enhance your company`s communication through design, creating original packaging, taking your product to the next level and giving your brand better possibilities to enter the consumers mind and choice.


Advertisement is essential for any company; these are the ones that will make your brand, products or services become alive. Our firm provides design of ads such as billboards, brochures, flyers, banners, posters, always taking into account the communication strategies that our clients want to implement to reach its objectives.


Editorial design is essentially the layout and organization of information. Our goal is to create publications that enhance information and messages with clarity and creativity in magazines, books, newspapers, brochures, catalogs, or any other type of publication.

Website design

Today, the Internet has become one of the most influential global communications platforms and is essential for any company to be present on the Internet. We design and develop websites with Content Management Systems or HLML corporate and personal websites. We develop and design websites considering your business needs and your brand´s concept.

Environmental Graphics

Wayfinding systems organize space trough a set of signs or symbols with the aim of guiding and advising people. Signage is also a corporate identity resource that can spread to the environmental graphics design of a company.


Branding is the process in which we determine the style, personality and tone of the brand with the aim of defining the brand spirit. All this is reflected in Brandbook which details and explains these parameters using images and concepts, which will provide guidance and direction for all communications and future actions.


A photograph is worth a thousand words ... We communicate feelings, emotions and stories through advertising photography, Corporate, Commercial, Conceptual Art, Air, Packshot and more. All our photographs carried out a careful process of color correction and fine adjustments.

Advertising film

We provide the full service of advertising Audiovisual pieces of film character. Brand perform Films, Packshots, Advertising, Institutional Short Films, Documentaries and new forms of content for social networks with the highest level of visual quality possible.


The digital world allows us the use of extensive tools to create magical pictures. We give life to images with deep and dynamic Corrections Color. We perform aesthetic touches (replacement of heaven, cables, and points chromas tracking), design and create 2D and 3D animations.