The craft beer Fray de Cantuña is the first beer of a small beer company from Ibarra, Ecuador. The name comes from the fusion of the Legend of Cantuña and the story of Fray Jodoco Ricke.


Fray Jodoco was a Belgian Franciscan religious artist, founder of the “Escuela Quiteña de Arte” who built the convent and church of San Francisco in Quito, first sowed wheat in South America and founded the brewery of San Francisco in 1566, in which was made the first beer of América.


Following this research we designed the graphic identity and label for this beer. We use medieval and gothic typography to connect the historical character of the brand personality, used metallic inks to evoke elegance in the packaging and a mosaic-like pattern alluding to the legend of Cantuña and the construction of the San Francisco Church.

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